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Chelsea-Wren204 karma

Dearest Misha,

At my place of business it is not explicitly stated that coming to work as a robot or stormtrooper or other such thing is against the dress code. In my interpretation of the employee handbook, as long as I wear my baker's jacket and hat I am not breaking any rules. In the event that The Hunt requires something of this nature and my boss does not agree with my interpretation, what incantation and/or spell should I use to subdue him so that I may continue to bring the whimsy?

PS: What do you want for your birthday?

PPS: I love you.

Chelsea-Wren19 karma

I want to give you a birthday present. Aha! Deal with that!

I feel like my brain is collapsing under its own gravity and becoming a white dwarf star, thank your for replying, you are an inspiration daily. Shine on, crazy diamond.