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What is the biggest problem or issue in data privacy law now? How might it be fixed?

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Retaliation would also be pretty likely to destroy your life.

You would have no solid proof of the sexual harassment, but the guy you nearly killed would have plenty of evidence of the assault. So you would end up in prison in the end most likely.

Seems like a shitty outcome...

If someone violently raped your SO, maybe worth it, but grabbed their ass while high at a music festival? Not sure it'd be worth doing a decade in prison over honestly.

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God damn, that sounds incredible.

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I have to imagine that this is a failure of local government in specific cities like Detroit. In cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, etc... hot new restaurants could never even open without being handicap accessible.

And if a place does "skirt the law" you can win massive lawsuits by showing up to these restaurants as a disabled person and showing that you cannot access it. It literally violates federal law established by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. You should consider hitting up these places and making some sweet dough!

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How did you get into food criticism? Does it actually pay the bills? You often hear that food critics that are less famous than Johnathan Gold basically have to pay for the privilege of being a critic; how true is that?