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Surely there’s a midway between Toronto and off-grid... like, living in a smaller town or quiet suburb. And if that’s not enough, a farm somewhere away from people, but with communal services like water and electricity.

In Finland it’s quite common (for those so inclined) to buy and bankrupt farm or closed village school and work in IT or advertising from distant. Then you can have as additional income some organic farming, tourism and such businesses.

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Thanks for response. I don’t really warm up to extremes, and I was happy to see your wife still lives in city, which means you understand that this kind of extreme is not for everyone. Take care, hi five the bears for me.

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I always thought there are 3 stories for a sex worker:

  1. Someone who likes it
  2. Someone got fooled/worse
  3. Poor countries

Maybe USA qualifies for 3rd, mentally.