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Saw your band playing near Bucknell a few years ago. You guys still performing?

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So guy Fieri is the host?

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This is interesting. Is that because of the true complete weight distribution your body has in space where as on earth there are pressure points?

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Ah damn man, sorry to hear. That's for sure sounds taxing, you guys kicked ass though.

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My GF ,who I love very much, has anxiety and sometimes it affects her sex drive. Sometimes she even experiences pain during and it makes it not appealing for anyone. Im understanding, but its a very random occurrence that she lets psyche her out alot. To the point where she is anxious of any intimacy because of the connection to the potential pain. Unfortunately this has put a strain on our relationship. I dont want to go right to her and be like "hey, were not having alot of sex lately and im getting upset" because i feel like thats messed up and inconsiderate. Unfortunately it is the truth. What are some things I can do? Have you both dealt with anything similar?

As background, i never force anything on her and I wont even initiate sex anymore because I dont want her to feel uncomfortable.

Edit- so many great responses. I truly am thankful for you all showing the care you have. I have read all these comments and I have discussed a few things with my girlfriend. We’re going to go forward with stoping birth control to try and help with drive. After that we are both going to do a better job with physical contact and compassionate time that doesn’t involve sex to help alleviate any anxiety related to possible pain/sex. I’ve read into pelvic floor therapy and I’ll mention that if this doesn’t work.

Again, thank you all so much :) y’all are the best part of the Internet.