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CheerBackHandspring6 karma

My husband had a liver transplant 6 months ago due to AIH/PSC. He still struggles day to day. We are lucky enough to live in the UK so the NHS pays for everything and we don't need to argue with insurers! Before transplant he found it difficult with the whole someone has to die so he can live thing. It seemed such a morbid concept. His transplant team have advised him to send a letter (through them) to the donors family a year after transplant. But what do you say to people who have saved your life? Thank you seems so inadequate. I wanted to ask you about the weeks after your transplants please. Hubby had a horrible time which they said was "ICU psychosis" He was paranoid, thinking people wanted to hurt him and he became aggressive with staff, which is so unlike him. When we got him home we thought it would be ok but he was obssessive with germs, wouldn't go near our dog or cat, poured soap all over the kitchen and would only eat things he classed as 'safe'. He kept looking out if the windows for anything that could be a threat. It took about 4 or 5 weeks for him to start being himself again, slowly. Did you encounter anything like this?