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Before "Critical Film Studies" (Abed's birthday, Pulp Fiction, My Dinner With Andre) aired you tweeted that it would be the episode that got you fired. I think a lot of the appeal of Community is that we can expect you to push the creative envelope of what a sitcom is; It's the antidote to "Canned Bad Sitcoms." What about that episode concerned you? By the way, loved "Heat Vision and Jack." Wish that could've gone further. Thanks for the AMA.

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Amy Poehler's already asked Bill Murray to do an episode of Parks and Rec. on her most recent Fallon appearance. She even offered to pay him five-hundred dollars! We don't want our NBC Thursday siblings quarreling. Unless it's to move Paul Reiser to another night. Nice guy, I'm sure, but let the kids have Thursday night.

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At one point, one of the EPs was wandering the diner set asking people if they thought Pulp Fiction was a reference anyone would understand.

Wow. I've heard references to "E"s not getting it, handing off horribly crafted script notes, etc., but never anything specific. I'm stunned, but not shocked.

I felt like everyone was just waiting for me to fall down so they could eat me alive.

That sounds like the universal feeling in Hollywood when someone pushes the envelope and gets a green light.

Not to discount anyone else who helped make that episode work, but after watching "My Dinner With Andre" and seeing "Critical Film Studies" again(4 or 5 times now), Dani (Abed) as Andre Gregory was (*pick your superlative.) *amazing

Thanks for coming back to the AMA and we'll be cheering you on at next year's Emmys!