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You can also visit Avebury Stone Circle which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and location of another regional Neolithic stone circle and henge monument, situated about 20 miles North of Stonehenge. At Avebury there are no restrictions around access, meaning you can touch, climb and explore the site up close. It is also far less traffic'd and best of all it is free! There is tourist information also available at the site, and you can (should you so desire) walk from Stonehenge to Avebury and recreate some kind of Ancient prehistoric pilgrimage.

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He's famous for his tannage, buddy.

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Can you induce sleep paralysis in a lab environment? Is it genetic or can anyone be affected by it? Also when I was younger my brother used to talk in his sleep, but like really really fucking fast, it was not gobbledigook but actual words.. I'm sure he would love it if you could put a name to it..

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I hope they answer all these questions in meme form

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Thanks, do you find that there are more triggers for it? For me, I find that it tends to happen if I am short of sleep for 1-2 days, and have a nap of +90 minutes in late afternoon where I enter deep sleep. It tends to happen that night when I bed down..

I guess what I am getting at is, are there more familliar triggers that can cause it for everyone or is it something that is only attributable to certain groups of people?

What more light can you shed on fast sleep talking that is different to regular sleep talking? Thanks for taking time out.