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Chc06jc3 karma

Hi Jack, I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks to your email alerts my fiancé and I were able to book cheap flights to San Francisco for less than £600 (return for two). I am so looking forward to it!

Reading your alerts makes me wish I could just hop on a random flight and see the world!

My question: do you do a tailored premium service where someone can specify a country (or countries) of interest and get notifications for when flights to/from that country are cheap? Could your algorithm do that?

Chc06jc2 karma

Hello David, were there any Dark Tourist locations you were going to film in but decided that you couldn’t handle it? Did you Nope your way our of it on seeing it? I loved the series and like everyone here hopes there is a second series. Where else can we get more to scratch the Dark Tourist itch?