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I have a family member who has been in the Church for a number of years now, she has essentially distanced herself from most of us because we could be considered SPs. What are some ways to reach out to her and show her we care about her?

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Thank you so much. I know that Scientology starts as something that feels like an accepting community, that seems willing to bring you in no matter the circumstances. It's sad that they deceive people into believing their own family could be against them.

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A diagnosis is a gateway to dealing with the deeper problem, don't let it be a mark that ruins your life.

My mother is Bipolar and has numerous smaller issues, but she feels like she is crazy and doesn't live her life with hope. I have tried many times to help her get over that hurdle, but she still looks at these things with such hopelessness.

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New Jersey, I was born there and spent a few years. How do you think where you lived affected your health and/or ability to receive care?

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I'm glad to hear this, please don't let this change.