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Hey Khawar. All the best! Fellow Pakistani here. I had aspirations to be a marathon runner one day but the best I could do was 10K's before my back started to pretty much beg me to give up. I had been a bit overweight and weak* in that area but then life got in the way. I am still 27, so I hope some day I will complete a marathon _ Do you have any advise for me?

Secondly, it seems there's almost no marathons in Pakistan except for the Lahore marathon and even that I don't know if it's still happening. And even those are mostly taken part in by the army guys. My 5K speed was not that bad btw, even with a 20% body fat percentage I ran a 20 minute 5K so I always thought I had it in me to do something bigger ;) All the best to you my friend and I'll be following your journey for sure.

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To me it seems like you asked your question in good faith so don't know why you got downvoted. Anyway in case he doesn't answer, I'll shed some light on this being a Pakistani. English is the official language of Pakistan - we have multiple newspapers in English, a couple of TV channels and radio stations (for millenials mainly) also operate in English. Most of Pakistani news sources on the web are completely in English or almost at the end of a transitory phase of moving to English. We're taught English either as a primary or secondary means of communication in primary school. Infact our college education system ONLY teaches in English (until unless you're doing an art degree). Furthermore, like many others who had the means to do so too, I spent my youth reading English literature and now I also write my own astronomy blog and have been regularly conducting presentations on this in different countries. Yeah my English learning was all done "within" Pakistan alone. Was it enough that I can manage in the world with it? More than ;)

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As with any adopted language it has it's own little tweaks and 'merged words' in the vocabulary. I think you'll enjoy reading the 'Vocabulary and colloquialisms' sections over here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakistani_English