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LLC registrations, domain registrations, e-mail tracking beacons, and their parent company Oh Well Media! on the main page being listed in the Panama Papers as a laundering outfit.

I did, but mostly post-analysis. My realm is Digital Network Intelligence (DNI). :)

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Thank you for your kind words!

My bees are beautiful mutts. :) I've had some mostly Italian and Carnolian hives, but over time as they re-queen through swarms they become a beautiful spectrum of gold, dark, and black bees. Genetic diversity makes every species better and that is especially true with honeybees!

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I'm sad to say the GDP victims aren't only time I've heard these stories. Casting couch pornography was really popular some years ago, and to get exclusive content of so many amateurs was unsustainable without the tactics GDP and some others used.

I'll make it clear - I believe Ariana Marie.

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CharlesD-PAC25 karma

When your browser or mail app loads an image it sends a GET request to get that image. It told me what IP Address was sending that GET request. :) You'll find lots of advertising e-mails use them for stats.