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So pretty much everyone BUT Charlierex posts their plays.

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What are your thoughts on purpose-abusers? The kind of people/bots that post content that is irrelevant or only tangentially related to the purpose of the sub?

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> Having or relating to two poles or extremities.

I see nothing wrong with using this terminology to describe storms in certain conditions. Just because it's a well known disease doesn't mean it gets full ownership of the word.

The stock market being schizophrenic is definitely an overreach - even considering that a large part of the market trades on human psychology, using the word is a gross exaggeration on what's happening. There's disagreement, not schizophrenia. I see this in the same light as people saying "reddit needs to stop doing X" - it's just wrong to consider reddit as one hivemind person instead of knowing its a collective of different people.

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They won't be removed if that's what you're asking. But it does both; it prevents it from getting worse by fixing the curvature.

EDIT: Spoke too soon. At the very least I was told the rods would stay in when discussing surgery (though I haven't been through surgery...yet).