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I know Vani is teaming up with "scientists" like Dr. Oz, so can you team up with another real scientist like Bill Nye or Neil Degrasse Tyson? You're already super awesome, but if you get the other two on your side you might alter physics to form a supernova of awesomeness!

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  1. How old where you and how did you find out about your condition? Were there any misdiagnosises (sp?)?

  2. Do you ever look at you hand and think, "Hm... is this blood or sweat?" Knowing me I would consistently think I had an out of control paper cut.

Sorry if you already answered this! Hope it's not too personal!

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That's what I hate about these programs... the idea is to get "troubled" kids back on track which includes keeping them in school - yet they are yanking the kids out of a traditional school. You seemed motivated enough to continue your education but I can easily see some of these kids coming back to the states, realizing how off track they are to graduation and just deciding to drop out. Not only are these programs hurting them physically and emotionally, but now they are causing more problems. I hate these schools. I'm sure you agree.

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Hi Yvette! I also have a BA in theatre and love science (just not enough to have a career in it).

I feel like I meet people all the time who will be drinking the newest "detox" drink. How do I explain that what they are doing is pointless and not based on actual science without making them feel bad about themselves?

Also, I hear people who claim the organic is the only way to go, yet some people say it's BS. I thought I heard that organic is good for fruits and vegetables you don't peel (like apples and tomatoes) but is pointless for those that you do peel (like oranges and bananas) because the pesticides are on the skins and peels. Is this true? Will washing a non-organic fruit well make it as good as an organic fruit?

Thanks in advance! I love your Facebook comments!

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Hi David! I don't have Showtime so I apologize if this is in the documentary or not. I want to know how this affected your academic life. It seems like you were a smart kid doing well in school. At Escuela Caribe did you get any kind of traditional academic lessons? When you returned to the US, how far behind were you? It seems like this program ruins any chance kids have on going on to college or university since you now have this huge gap in your record. Thanks for doing the AMA and I hope all is well now!