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ChalupaBatman117213 karma

Sorry to hear about this my friend. How has your body been dealing with taking Gleevec so far?

I was diagnosed with CML 10 years ago when I was in highschool as well. Although it seems like you have hit an unlucky patch in life you can still expect to have a great quality of life with this disease.

There are alot of great tips in here so far, I think the most important for myself was staying fit and eating healthy. I had some not ideal side affects taking Gleevec, mostly vommiting and some swelling in my eyes. I have switched to taking Sprycel and I believe this drug is far less harsh on my body than Gleevec was.

The best news out of all this is that there is a chance you can potentially stop taking the drugs later in life which is amazing. Under doctor supervision, some patients have been able to stop taking medication and did not have any traceable signs of the disease after a period of time. I have failed this stop test once, but doctor's are willing to try many times with young patients as they are able to handle this disease much better than older folks.

At the end of the day, it's just one pill that you have to take with dinner. As long as you don't forget to take that pill you should be able to live a happy life. Just remember that you are not your cancer.