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Last but not least, I deal with a lot of chronic pain patients.

So, I have a request that could potentially help your patients (and by extension, you since you do seem to genuinely care). Small preface: I'm 26m and have had chronic pain since childhood that was slowly getting worse until 2 years ago where I could no longer walk or do much of anything, and the pain was severe enough to make me mentally "checked out".

This was until I found muscle therapy known as trigger point therapy, and ever since my life has been dedicated to it and as a result im 200% better and actually have a quality of life again. Once I improve enough I intend on entering a related career to try and help others who have a similar issue as I did.

But anyways this isn't supposed to be about me - I don't know if you've heard of trigger points as its a growing field but the world tends to be slow to adapt. If you could research it a bit yourself and (provided you find that I'm not peddling some dumb product or something) potentially recommend it to patients then I think you could help a lot of people.