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What’s your favorite Gary Sinise movie?

and who is in your opinion the most legendary Hollywood icon you’ve ever met in your career?

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He was answering a question completely unrelated to you, why do you think he was trying to give you advice?

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Reservoir dogs is no where near Tarantino's prime

Immediately following he wrote and directed Pulp Fiction, released when he was 27 and what is to this day his most celebrated film during which he was inarguably at the peak of his powers. Even if he hasn’t declined since, you simply can’t argue QT was not already in his prime from the get go.

and no director on earth is in their prime when they're 25, not even close


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No need to get sexual

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No it’s undoubtedly impressive whichever age you are, that’s why mentioning the age stands out as superfluous and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people do that.

Also don’t let the oldies fool you that experience = talent. I let them intimidate me that way in my job til i got to their age and realized how full of shit they were. Especially since you’re in a creative industry - do you think 25 year old Tarantino felt intimidated making reservoir dogs? You’re basically almost where a lot of great directors enter their prime, maybe if the 40 year olds give you shit you should call them over the hill