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I have to ask since this topic doesn't normally come up, but as someone who had no discernible heritage until I recently got in touch with some of my birth mother's family and found out that I'm (at least that they know of) half Cherokee on my fathers side, should I just let it go then? I wish to know more, but don't want to feel rejected if I do.

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Yeah, Its lovely art. Beautiful. But it bothers me that these books lose their function to make it. A finished hardback book can be passed on to the next reader and have long interesting histories per copy... It just makes me sad. As long as its not limited editions its fine, but its not for me, personally.

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Clindamyacin has some ugly side effects because if taken enough, it wipes out a great deal of good gut bacteria that keeps the scary bad gut bacteria in check. Gut health definitely plays a part in mental wellbeing but I'm not sure taking it would offset anything... however, if you suddenly got diarrhea and it doesn't stop see a doctor ASAP because clindamyacin usage is repeatedly linked to Clostridium difficile and having that will definitely cause mental problems along with everything else.

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Oh okay, thanks.

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Is this HIPPA compliant? I'd only want to divulge information about myself if I thought it would not be shared without my consent.