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Consider that most of the components of a vaccine are well known and understood. The ones that are new are the ones which need studied in terms of side effects and long term effects. In the situation we are in, consider that we can be fairly confident in our estimates of long term effects of the vaccine (because we understand the underlying science of the body and the vaccine components) and we are fairly confident in our understanding of the long term effects of the ongoing pandemic. You're therefore weighing a very small risk of long term effects against the deadly, high risk of an unchecked pandemic.

Quality is more a manufacturing thing. Most modern pharmaceutical products are designed with quality control in mind. Keep in mind that a lot of the quality control stuff is pre-competitive stuff so all these different companies are sharing information to improve quality.

Finally, regarding infrastructure, you don't need to worry about that. You're right, it's a monumental task vaccinating billions of people. However, if we can't get the vaccine to you, you don't need to worry about taking it.

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Interesting. I'm currently studying for my PhD at the University of Strathclyde looking at Crystallisation in Microfluidic devices. Currently I'm using droplet microfluidics to crystallise amino acids but I hope to progress into protein crystallisation soon.

Are you looking at separation technologies to isolate CA125?

Are you tagging CA125 with fluorophores prior to introduction to the chip or do you hope to do that on the device?

Finally, do you have any published work yet? I'd be very interested to read more from an academic perspective.

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How do you fabricate your microfluidic devices? What materials do you use?

What analytical techniques are you planning to use to detect the cancer markers?