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I also feel horrible for the people that won't get the opportunity to try vaping and also for the current vapers like myself because flavors are the major component in the success of it. I use bubblegum flavor and would not be able to tolerate tobacco flavor. I'm afraid of what the future brings with flavor bans.

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It's the point that we are trying to get away from the taste of cigarettes. Tobacco flavor e liquid is disgusting and I would not have continued using vaping had it not been for the flavors that taste good. I would have just probably just went back to smoking. Vaping success relies heavily on liking it more than smoking and flavors do just that.

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Yes I agree 100% they are using this opportunity to get rid of vaping and sadly I have to assume it's because they actually want people to buy cigarettes or only their pharmacy nicotine replacement products to stop the competition. I'm very disheartened and angry being a vaper myself as I can attest to the effectiveness and health benefits of switching from cigarettes to vaping for the past 6 years. Vaping saved me from cigarettes when nothing else could and I've never felt better.

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Hi Dr. Siegel, Thank you for being a true example of a knowledgeable and compassionate public health advocate and especially with your help in disseminating the facts and fiction in regards to vaping. I'm in Massachusetts and I am extremely concerned with what is occurring here on a public health standpoint and given the info we do know that the cases are linked to illicit THC, why are they still claiming to not know the cause and reporting the two deaths as solely nicotine related?

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Yes definitely to each their own. Sometimes it takes many different tries of different flavors to find the "one" many vapers I know find it and just stick to it, while others like to use many different flavors on any given day. They disproportionately take advantage of smokers with taxes and regulations as opposed to say alcohol and now they are trying to do it with vapers as well. We are being discriminated. I'm don't want kids to get access and become addicted but there has to be boundaries for adults rights.