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I may be wrong but isn't the DRC responsible for something like 90+% of the world's cobalt supply? If so, are there any batteries made that use cobalt that don't use child slave labor? I'm 100% in favor of fixing it but this one in particular seems to require a more hands on fix to the issues in the DRC specifically. The alternative being just don't use cobalt until they stop which seems to be a non-starter.

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Yeah, this aspect is really annoying. Some people think the studies saying there's no real indication for harm from marijuana mean it's safe to do in any form. Smoking anything is harmful. Some other people think studies showing harm is caused when smoking marijuana mean it's always harmful. Again, smoking anything is harmful.

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I mean no offense, but, from your experience, are archeology professors working with a seminary trying to discover what happened in the past, regardless of their beliefs, or trying to find what they believe, regardless of if it's true or not, or some combination of the two?

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I'm not buying anything from the supermarket or furniture store. If I did, I would maybe check for bugs. Sadly, that's not really an option for the software without the source code. It could still be decompiled and read, but it'd be quite the chore. It'd be great if some trusted industry professionals were provided the source code to verify it.

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Yeah, a lot of people give RPO shit, which it deserves some of, but I've never heard anyone say Wil Wheaton wasn't the right person for that. It helps that its a supremely nerdy book and just about everyone who'd be into RPO also likes Wil, either from Star Trek or his other stuff.