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Cephelopodia109 karma

This game changed what I thought was possible in gaming. The animation (whoa, the guy moves like a real person!) music and aforementioned brutal sound. The PC version is a damn masterpiece.

Thanks for making the world better!

Cephelopodia24 karma

Yep! Also how they did the original lightsaber effect, I think. Frame. By. Frame.

Gotta respect that meticulous work.

Cephelopodia23 karma

Iran probably can't, either. ;)

Cephelopodia14 karma

If you're the partner of a perfectionist, what steps can one take to maintain the relationship?

Cephelopodia11 karma

"Working to end the use of enslaved children" sounds too much like, "Working to stop the murder we're currently in the process of committing."

I mean...they could just, stop doing that.

Or are they too weak to control themselves?