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When I stroke the beard thusly, do I not appear more intellectual?

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This match series really captivated me. I knew nothing about Go, and had never seen a match played until AlphaGo - Sedol. The commentating was very well done and stayed interesting through the entirety of the matches - thank you. My question: For the games that Lee lost, it seemed like Michael Redmond felt like he was leading most of the time, and at times even suggested that AlphaGo might be close to the point of resigning. Was this because he was pulling for Lee, like many of the viewers including myself and was biased as a result, was it because AlphaGo's strategies are not like a humans and therefore the plan behind the moves does not become evident until the end game, or is it that high level Go games are just always hard to call until near the very end?

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Is there a way for you to wear a VR headset and navigate through various worlds and environments via eye movements? I could imagine this could feel freeing. Sending a hug from the ether.

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Some headsets have eye tracking, and it is becoming more common in the consumer grade units. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a plug-in you could install to get your communication interface running on it. https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/watching-me-watching-you-how-eye-tracking-is-coming-to-vr-and-beyond/