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This may be dumb, but I'm a huge fan of a video game called The Last of Us where a parasitic fungus takes over most of the human race.

I was about to ask the same! Huge fan of that game as well, it's my favourite. Can't wait for the sequel next February!

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Amazing articles, I will get your book for sure! I read some comments here making an issue of you being a white woman, suggesting that your arguements and experiences come from a position of privilege based on your skin color. Since this is a very hot topic in America and many parts of the world nowadays, how would you counter these arguments?

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Yeah! She seems to be even deadlier than Joel since she's sneakier and more agile. I do hope she finally learned how to swim, though!

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Thanks for answering and congratulations on such an accomplishment!

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Hi, Louie.

1.How long was the process of shooting and editing?

  1. How was it like working with Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson?