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I'm not one of those girls. Sure I appreciate my boyfriend's rigs and the pieces we have purchased together but I have glass of my own and am saving my own hard earned money to buy more. I'm not asking for a pink moon with a bow on it. I'm asking for his interpretation of what he would present to his feminine fans. Quality glass isn't cheap and I am all for supporting this beautiful art with my own money.

I also plan to have a future in the cannabis community. I'd love to try glassblowing but I really love baking and marketing. I view glass as an investment in this future.

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That's why I wanted to see what he thought about that. If he feels like he should or if his fans are pretty equal. Obviously I'm not saying he needs to. I fucking love his work and he wouldn't have gotten where he is if people didn't also love his work.

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"I've been carving moons before I got paid to carve moons"

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As a fairly new member of the glass community, Sagan was one of the first big names I knew of. A lot of people assume that because I'm a girl, I know nothing about glass. I appreciate seeing artists recognize the ladies of the community and fellow artists. How do you recognize the female glass community? How do you feel about women in the community in general? Absolutely amazed by your work, it's utterly inspiring to me. My boyfriend also wanted me to mention how much he loves your work, as a space cowboy like himself. Thanks for taking the time to do an ama and I hope to meet you at a show soon!