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Holy moly! You have no idea how much this helped me. Some of the stuff is what my mum has told me. She has it as well and was on dialysis until she got her transplant in 2011. My mum was pretty old so I'm praying I'll have a lot more energy than she did.

Are you able to work? I work full time in childcare which my specialist HATES because I get sick a lot but I love it so much and don't want to give it away because I know I'm good at it lol.

My mum used to do it so she could have the weekends off. She was on hemodialysis and did it from home. I'm guessing you're on hemo?

In terms of energy levels how did you feel? Being 22 I still have a long way till my retirement lol and getting my super out is a waist because there is like 3 grand in there so I'd like to hold down a full time or part time job if possible.

Thank you so much for the advise :)

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Hello, thank you for your question.

At the moment they are testing if my dad is a match for a donor kidney. If his not a match I will go on a 5 year waiting list for a transplant. However my kidneys have to fail completely before I am put on the list. While I wait for my transplant I will be on a dialysis machine.

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I get a lot of migraines and they get worse every time which i was told was linked to them failing so I take medication to try and help with them.

I get exhausted really easily, which can be annoying at my age because obviously I would like to "party" lol. I work full time tho so it's not too bad.

Sometimes the cysts rub together and my kidneys get really sore. I work in child care and it conflicts with my lifting, I can't hold children on my hip because they get really sore and sometimes I get lightheaded.

I have high blood pressure as well so I get dizzy spells but those are medicated as well.

Working with children, having one myself is constantly on my mind. My partner isn't ready for children yet but I feel like I'm ready just can't afford it. A lot of my friends are having children which makes it hard for me because I feel like I can't. So it does play on me but not as much as it will.

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I haven't really given it much thought.

I know I really want to travel tho. Europe mostly

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I did have plans to travel because after I receive a transplant travel insurance is REALLY expensive but unfortunately I don't have the money to travel at the moment. Hopefully I will have the money at some point.

Other than that I'm just focusing on keeping myself healthy :)