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Ceejeh2 karma

Did Delicate Arch freak you out? I live in Utah and didn't realize how big it was (or that you had to hike to it) for the longest time! I didn't see any mention of Zions National Park. If you ever come back to Utah I highly recommend going there and doing the Angels Landing hike. One of my favorite hikes ever.

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Haha sorry I must have not read your adventures closely enough, I'm glad you got to do Zions, that place is like heaven. Springtime is super fun there but also dangerous because of flash floods in slot canyons.

Than arches story is great, I've been lost in that park at night before, definitely a scary experience. It also sounds like you learned the hard way that all Asian tourists get lost in our parks. I've had to lead so many back to trail heads after finding them off trail haha.

Cool adventure and blog, I hope to start exploring parks outside of my home state soon. After Utah, what states had the best parks?