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The problem is with fat. They can't grow muscles with fat in it. But they can grow both fat and muscle and mix them. Soo ground meat like burgers should be fine but not steak.

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Hong Kongers get away with shooting arrows off roofs, throwing petrol bombs, and burning down buildings without being called riots online, is one pretty big difference.

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With your rationality there should be no other search engine algorithm other than Google because it works well enough and they'd just have a monopoly that everyone has to utilize. Bing is better for porn than Google, maybe Mojeek's algorithm will generate a better search technique for another market, maybe not. But arguing against competing products is kind of ridiculous.

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Do you trust the numbers coming out of China? The trend on Reddit is to believe that they are completely fabricating all numbers and their data is useless to the international community. Is there any validity to this and/or can you give input into whether you are using that data?

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Where do you think those bottles came from?

Germans and Americans throw away more than 10 times as much plastic a day as Kenyans and Indians. Europe, North America, Japan and Australia have shipped so much to Southeast Asia for recycling that, overwhelmed by waste, Malaysia and Vietnam decided this year to ban plastic waste imports. China had already done so in 2018.