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CatsPajamas182 karma

What's your strategy for when someone comes out with 4 Second Films?

CatsPajamas142 karma

I just bought one of your fucking t-shirts. http://i.imgur.com/VhQPf.jpg

CatsPajamas71 karma

Nope, the classic 5sf logo one.

CatsPajamas18 karma

How much sweet mulah do you think you'll be stuffing into your pockets after this IAmA drives people to your 5sf merch?

CatsPajamas2 karma

Bley, I'd like to turn your attention to these two photos: http://imgur.com/esFqnL4,lgsmqfE#1

The first is from teamcoco.com/podcasts, and the second is your graphic announcing the reddit AMA. The shirt is different, but I'd swear it's the same photo of your face. Explain.