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He has written and made videos about basically all of these topics, so such persons should look them up!

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First - thank you for all of your work in evangelization. I was a young "none" and your videos gradually brought me back to the Church. I have never been happier.

Ok, the question - What is your response to detractors who say that you do not take social justice seriously, that argue that you do not speak enough about race, that you shouldn't appear on certain platforms with conservative moderators, etc.? I don't think these are fair criticisms, but I want to hear your response to such things.

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This is a gross mischaracterization. The Catholic Church is 1 billion people, 230,000 parishes, 150,000 schools worldwide. These individual entities used their PPE loans to pay salaries of lay employees and continue charitable work. Here's a thoughtful take on this:



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Thanks so much for your thoughtful answer.

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You could, you know, actually read the materials I shared and point out any weaknesses in their presentation - rather than resorting to ad hominem attacks.