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What is your take on programs such as AA/NA?

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I drove by a hospital maybe 10 years ago and was flagged down by a woman in the street who had been turned away after being dropped off by an ambulance. I was pretty unsure about being flagged down like that (young, alone, female), but she was in obvious distress. My car was actually packed full because I was moving, but I was able to shove things around and get her down the street to the next hospital (that part of town has like 7 all within a couple miles of each other) that was literally only about .3 miles away. I guess the ER in the first hospital had closed permanently, but why the ambulance wouldn’t know that is beyond me. And to just leave her there when she needed an ER was extremely negligent.

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What are your thoughts regarding the impact that a broad legalization of all drugs would have on drug use and addiction?

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What are your thoughts regarding - and direct experience treating those affected by - the recent surge in the manufacture, availability, and use of of RCs, “designer“ synthetic drugs, and analogues?

I feel like cannabinoid and opioid analogues get the most news coverage, but my specific interest is about your experiences with benzo analogues and your views on long vs. short tapers, among other aspects of treatment, and the potential for permanent brain injury.

Thank you for doing this AMA!

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What he said was “it’s natural” as in, kids (especially boys) that age have always had a natural curiosity about sex, as is developmentally appropriate, and are drawn to explore and experiment... as you likely well know as you’re a guy yourself. The internet may have brought about an explosion (pun maybe intended?) of accessibility, but erotic stories and other depictions have been around essentially since the dawn of man, in every civilization and culture.

It shouldn’t be surprising if your son is hesitant to discuss this topic with you (who wants to discuss their sex lives, even/especially their solitary sex lives, with a parent?), nor would his desire for privacy necessarily be a reflection on your relationship with him. I’m definitely not OP, but as long as his school and social obligations aren’t suffering noticeably, it’s likely just a phase. And if they are suffering, it could be any number of reasons so maybe start with a one-on-one dialogue, and if necessary follow that up with an appointment with a counselor with whom he might feel more comfortable discussing things.