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CatInhaler2 karma

I’m glad you are alright! I’m quite surprised to see this pop up when I just received a letter today for another MRI. I have been diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm, which, along with my rare, unnamed heart condition I was born with, doesn’t enable me to do much. My last checkup, my valve was sitting at 5.4cm (I’m a big guy), and I can only presume it’s worse. I’m similar to you,

I’m only 25 and am really ignorant to the heart issues and as much as I try, it’s hard for me. I also got out of breath quickly and couldn’t do sports with the other kids...

The cardiologist is monitoring it closely and I’m always advised to lose weight and hope it gets better, which is another tough story that I won’t go into. And like yourself, I’m just scared about it all. Depression on top of that really makes life a struggle and sometimes I just feel like there’s no way forward...

Anyway... my question is: did you have a supportive group of family/friends around you to help overcome the arrogance and such, and to push yourself into getting things sorted related to your aneurysm?

Also, what advice could you give to someone in the same boat as yourself to help overcome the fear and enable them to actually better themselves before it’s too late? Thanks!