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Not op but I've died twice myself. First time was at the scene of my motorcyle wreck and I was in shock trying to pull myself up off the ground and being confused why people were pushing me back down and then suddenly I was in an ambulance staring at some ems guy. The other time I was in the hospital and I remember it being night and i was staring at the dude from swamp people on tv and then there was a doctor talking to my family about what had happened and that I was stable and it was mid morning.

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Hah, No I would have died about 50 more times because for some reason the only thing on tv for the month that I was in hospital was some sort of swamp people marathon or something. I think i watched every episode that was out at the time. Probably more than once if I had to guess, I was kind of in a drug induced haze for most of my time there.

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FedEx hires temp drivers for the holiday busy season. I dont know about UPS but otherwise the packages are handled by contracted employees the rest of the year round.

To give you an idea of how much volume increases during peak season the terminal I worked at went from about 7-10k packages a day to closer to 30k a day from the monday following black friday all the way to dec 20-24.

Should also say while the job seems cool, it can be depending on your area a hell of a lot of work. Most temps pull 14-16hr days 6 days a week while I was doing it and that shit burns you out really fast. The only upside is temps get paid hourly and get hella overtime.

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I want to know how much will change about the in game interface or UI. In almost all of the games I have played that went from subscription based to F2P the in game ui has changed in some manor most notably all sorts of annoying pop ups or spammy msg things reminding me about the STORE where I can buy thing I don't really care about.

Heres hoping you keep it minimalistic.