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Cookie Monster even teaches non-cookie tolerance

Cookie Monster for president?

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Initially I hesitated but her mother insisted.

Story was okay until this point, when it became awesome.

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Holy shit, I never realized that was Ron Jeremy. How could I not know that was Ron Jeremy!?

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One of us... one of us... one of us...

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My first time at a BDSM "munch" (a meet and greet at a restaurant with a bunch of people in the BDSM community), I was surprised at how... normal everyone seemed. I don't know what I was expecting, but what I discovered was basically a cross-section of my city, which in retrospect makes sense.

On the topic of Fifty Shades, that series is... controversial in the community. Some love it for helping to bring BDSM into the mainstream, but others despise it for how wildly unrepresentative it is of those who partake in BDSM, and how ridiculously irresponsible the BDSM depicted is. This is of course on top of how poorly written the books are and how crappy the films are. BDSM lovers are more likely to point to the movie Secretary, although I think this film also depicts some irresponsible BDSM and an unhealthy relationship.