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What are Underwriter Labs?

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How do you differentiate against all the other AI powered video analytics products on the market? False alarm filtering has become the standard, and weapon detection is increasingly becoming common place, even baked into the onboard analytics of several camera manufacturers.

Given a couple more cranks of Moore's Law, it seems fairly likely to me that these analytics will be baked into the cameras themselves a couple generations from now, how will you defend against that?

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Thanks for the detailed answer! And congrats on the progress!

I feel as though you might be underestimating the camera manufacturers capabilities (Hikvision as an example has several thousand inhouse computer vision engineers), though based on your answer it seems like the real secret sauce is in your ML.

Cloud only seems like it might be a limitation for sites with more than a handful of cameras, how do you get around that, and what are those bandwidth requirements? Have you considered an edge device?