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I hope they can help you out.

I'm not sure what kind of treatment you are going through, but I am having a good bit of success with EMDR therapy.

The nightmares, fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, guilt, and recurring memories have subsided quite a bit after starting this therapy.

Good luck mate.

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Going through the therapy isn't fun because you are forced to sit there and live through terrible memories and focus on them. Even up to a day afterwards your head is still spinning like crazy processing the information.

However, after that the memory you worked on seems to fade into the background more. Comes up less frequently and is less intense when it does.

It's helped me a fair bit so far. Everyone responds differently to a variety of treatments but it is something to consider.

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What's the funniest accident you witnessed your parents get into as a result of their blindness?

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Whoops! Yes, indeed.

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What sort of rating do you use to handle priorities on requests?

If I may for a moment I would like to give a little back story to this request and will probably follow up with another question.

I am currently doing a research paper on PTSD as I have been diagnosed. I suffered from all the symptoms for a long time but believed it to be impossible that I could have PTSD as I never deployed. In fact, when the psychs diagnosed me with PTSD I fought them on it and had them change it to an anxiety disorder. They told me it wouldn't change a damn thing, but I was adamant I did not have PTSD.

I read an interesting statistic that said the number 1 cause of PTSD in the US was car crashes. This caused me to look into the issue more deeply. After digging through a lot of research there is little doubt that I do, in fact, have PTSD and is a direct result of my military service (intelligence).

Most of the support for veterans with PTSD is for combat vets, and rightfully so.

However, with more and more research coming out showing that UAV Pilots and Operators and other career fields being highly susceptible to severe PTSD, what is your stance on supporting non-combat veterans?

Thanks for all the great work you do and I wish you all the best of luck.