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What's the largest amount of damage someone has done to one of your rooms because they thought they were pursuing a clue, but in actuality, they were disassembling the room itself?

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How can I help?

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Hi, Dr. Mick!

I'm a guy who needs therapy. My hurdles are twofold. One, my wife is very much a 'man up' kind of personality whenever I am feeling down.

Two is that I'm so cynical (or broken, I don't really know) that I can't trust a therapist. They are there in a chair telling me what I want to hear because that's what puts the insurance money and copay in their pocket. Anything good anyone says to me is (in my mind) placating, and that includes someone who I'm paying to say those nice things.

Is there a way out of the catch 22 here?

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Would you like to be in a HIPAA training video for my practice and make it FAR less dull?

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I'm very late to this but hope I can get a late answer. My 12 year old daughter has a lot of natural talent. She hates learning technique though. Play am instrument by ear? Sure. Take a lesson? No. How can i, as a person with no talent, help her drawing, painting, and art develop?