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CarolLovesBrownDogs16 karma

Hi Drea! Big fan of your career!! Sopranos was good, but SOA is off the chart. How do you "come out of these characters" when it's all done? Every time I see you perform, you are extremely convincing. Yet I'm sure you are a totally different person. Just curious about the getting into character and getting out of character process.

CarolLovesBrownDogs5 karma

LOVE that they brought Wendy back!! And I have a feeling she'll end up raising the boys. ;)

CarolLovesBrownDogs3 karma

Cool - thanks for answering! Keep doing what you do for us!!! Are you a big fan of dogs? I've seen you mention them a few times. Just curious, because I started a nonprofit a few years ago that helps people save their pet's life (well, when it can be saved and they don't have the money). It feels good to know how much dogs mean to people!! ;)