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Why did they reverse it? How much do you pay now (if you still use the API at all)?

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Oh so the requests are just to the proper URLs and stuff for the images, the actual images requested by the clients are not billed to your account.

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What kind of website is that article on? It tells me that whatsapp which I don't have installed, is too old and needs to be updated... Pretty sure this is some malware

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I'm pretty sure that's not a bug...

It didn't happen the second time until I opened the link in an inkognito tab I chrome. Then I got the offer to install the game front app, which is OK, but I declined, and then I got this again:


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What do I have to do (and pay) as a tourist to go on a let's say three day photo trip with you?

Not completely hypothetically speaking, Peru is pretty high up on my list, together with costa Rica