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I'm so cynical about Disney I can't stand it, and here I am bawling. You are a good man, Costumed Goofy.

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Raised Catholic and I am still fond of what the Church is supposed to be about. And I love the ceremony, but I find myself utterly agnostic these days. I'm manifestly not an athiest, but God seems, all but definitionally, unknowable. Prayer never seems to do anything for me. I don't expect miracles, but I never seemed to found even guidance. I'd like to be faithful, but I've never had a sign.

How does one reach out from a long held (but respectful) agnosticism to even entertain the question openly any more?

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Oops, I see you are 13 minutes more clever than me.

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Is cattle rustling still a thing?

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One of my favorite history books is A Frozen Hell, a history of the Winter War. I feel like I should actually ask a question, so, did they give you a good course in Finnish military history? You Finns are tough hombres and have a military legacy to be very proud of.