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Welcome to Reddit, unfortunately. Sometimes it's best to leave AMAs for a couple of hours and have the upvotes/downvotes get rid of the worst stuff before answering.

Still, I've read most of your answers so far and your insight has been genuinely interesting and informative. I could tell how good a journalist you are simply because you avoided speculating too much and focused on relaying what you experienced that day.

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When you and Nathan Lane return in Season 2 (yup, I'm not even saying 'if'), will you both have huge muscles and be covered in prison tattoos?

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Conserdering summer temperatures and the UV intensity in Melbourne, I'm surprised redheads even exist in this country.

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Reddit starts to get really hyperbolic when you start messing with the internet.

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Perhaps in the US, but Australian police tend to use far less lethal methods than their American counterparts.