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Taco Bell seriously needs some spicier sauce in packets. I think Fire Sauce is 500 scovilles, I'd like to see Volcano sauce (800 scoville) in packets, and another at about 1500... call it Magma Sauce. Volcano in black packets, Magma in purple packets, done.

Can you make this happen?

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Any chance you'll make an appearance on HarmonQuest?

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My local hackerspace, a 501(c)3, is just getting started. We're thinking of making some products to generate some funding... would Tindie be the right marketplace for us?

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Just make sure you won't be driven into the ground by Walmart like Vlasic pickles.

If I were you I'd get into a smaller, less cutthroat chain first, ideally a grocery store in your region.

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... that isn't even 4WD and will never be driven off pavement.