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In light of your (very) recent experience, what’s your thoughts on the idea that heart attacks are nearly all preventable? I liked a doctor (forget his name) who said: “I don’t mind the idea that one day I’m going to die, but I’d prefer it to not be my fault.” Would you ever consider a Dr. Esselstyn, Engine 2, or Forks Over Knives diet?

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Excellent. Just know, even as an internet stranger, we’re all glad you survived it and are here with us sharing your story. You’ve got a tough journey ahead with some VERY drastic lifestyle changes. Don’t forget you are lucky. Take care of yourself.

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What do you or the major Chinese populace think about the one party system? Why is here no room for multiple political parties like those seen throughout the world in social democracies and republics? Doesn’t the lack of variety lend itself to the consolidation of power, totalitarianism, and help foster tyranny? What types of checks and balances are in the single party system to prevent oppression of the populace and to ensure civil liberties?