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Just to make things clear: If you ever need manpower to change the world or even just to spread the word about something, Reddit loves you and we are everywhere. Just prefix a post with "This is Bill Nye" and you'll have a million eyes seeing it and forwarding it to friends and family within the hour.

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Thank you for tolerating the kind of people and questions you find on the internet and not getting angry at the question.

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Little bitch moon never saw it coming, its just too bad that Chewbacca needed the planet that was destroyed as collateral damage to live.

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The general idea is that Riot is protecting their forums (linking or uploading images would either be banned or moderated, reducing the potential for discussion and especially the frequent fan art threads) and their community of streamers (livestreaming sites would be a major target under this legislation). The competitive streams are one of the things that has grown the League of Legends community more than anything else, and Riot doesn't want that to stop for reasons both commercial and philanthropic.