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Just for that, double beak things in Kenshi 2

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Yes, its something like 1000 years before the first game. The content is secret.

We are working on a new (secret) engine for Kenshi 2, and hoping to be able to port Kenshi 1 as well. The Kenshi 1 port is a lot of extra work though.

It depends on the engine moddability. Because most of the game code is in C++ it can't be modded, but that's the only way we can get a seamless world with 800 characters running around at a time.

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I don't know. I expected it really, cus I knew the game would be great, so failure would be technically impossible. But I think the recent popularity explosion since release and a couple big youtubers was a bit surprising.

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It is the year 2000. UE4 and Unity don't exist yet. Quake III is the best engine around, and probably costs 1 million dollars to use. It's a choice between Torque3D and Ogre. I went with some other engine that began with "C" I think. It died. I switched to Ogre: Open source, raw C++ and as future-proof as you can get. That we managed to stretch it to 2018 is proof of that, even if it doesn't run that good no more.

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Well, as it's you...

It's a tidal-locked moon