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Could you tell me what I can do to opt out of this? Basically, what can I do to physically prevent you from tracking me?

Personally, I am much more worried about the misuse of this technology.

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Pretty sure the epidermis does too.

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  1. Yes, that's true. If someone wants you dead, you're dead. That's really not the point though. You would be a scapegoat and the public at large would just believe the government. As for third party verification, how often do you hear of a cop being punished? How often does internal affairs find that a cop had done nothing wrong? Do you think giving the government more access would make them more honest?

  2. Temporarily, this means nothing of course. The difference is that precedent is established. Next time it could be a suspicion of terrorism where emergency measures are established indefinitely. Next time it may not be voluntary. The whole point is that it opens the door.

Ultimately, the goal is to stop the government from becoming an authoritarian regime disguised under the premise of safety.

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I guess it's because of corruption. Let me give you a hypothetical example:

In the year 2070, location IDs have become a standard way of proving or disproving where you are. Since it has been largely established that the government always knows where you are, there is no margin of error.

Now let's say there is a murder somewhere in the city.

Let's say you sufficiently piss off someone who can tamper with location data or maybe you're just chosen at random to cover up a crime someone else did.

At this point, it is literally your word against proven fact. The tampered evidence says without question that you were the only person present at the time of the murder.

What is your recourse?

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It's not this app, it's precedent for future apps.