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What can you say about sexual assault on men? Many don't take it seriously and men themselves try to shrug it off because it might make them look week.

I myself was assaulted in a public toilet by two transvestites. I always tell it like a joke to my friends. (Probabily because it's easier menatlly to tell it that way)

"Oh yea i went into the bathroom and there were two chicks there, when i went in the toilet they knocked, and a very deep voice wanted me to open, when i did i saw the two girls that had actually beards. I ran for my life but they did manage to grope me during my... tactical retreat. (Running away in panic)

I always tell it like a joke but i do feel somewhat miserable thinking about it. I am not a small guy and could've even fought them off but They could've easily put a knife or gun on me. And i can't think about all the people that maybe are smaller or weaker and they overpowered them.

Idk what are your thoughts on this matter?

Edit: I saw in other comments you actually did talk about this. Sorry lol.

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I don't think people like my comment nor your observation. :(