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What is the most rewarding and best part of your job? :)

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It must be a very rewarding job! Thanks for your kind answer and enjoy your flight ! I also have a lot of time to waste in an airport today! :)

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Enough food, water, shelter and chicks is the way to go for a happy, healthy cock. Also, be sure to trim him now and then or he has trouble with the chicks.

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The hens are kept on the farm till they are about 70 weeks which is just over a year. At this point they are starting to not make a profit which means they cost more to feed than what they are producing. The hens in no way whatsoever are beaten and we treat them with respect.

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As they hens grow older the claws get larger. You should see the state of my arms after emptying a shed full of 70 week old hens! Working with the 20 week old hens is much easier as their claws haven't developed fully yet!