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Is there any chance that you and your fellow candidates on the left could just get away from the "I'm coming for your AR." shtick?

I've lived in Texas for over 30 years, and not a big blue city. And I can tell you that plenty of people here did not want Trump in the Whitehouse. Between the idiots in the RNC nominating him and the idiots in the DNC picking Hillary they felt their hand was forced.

I never thought I'd see the day when, in 2016, I was listening to my fellow rural Texans saying they wished the uber liberal Bernie G.D. Sanders was the Democratic candidate, so they could have voted for him instead of Trump!

So here we are, running and gunning for 2020, and everyone on the left is talking about literally forcing law abiding gun owners to hand over their firearms. Surely you see how dystopian and anti-2nd amendment that would feel to rural voters?

Even if you dropped the matter and reversed your stance on it immediately the left will still have a hard time battling the incumbent Orange. But if you keep at it you might as well be campaigning for Trump. Your message at the end of the day:

I'm going to take your guns if you don't vote for Trump.

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But is it better than No Mans Sky?

I blew your mind, haha

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Hey Macaulay!

Thanks for all of the work you did in your childhood. Childhood me greatly appreciated it.

My question for you: YouTube Red seems to have found a hit with Cobra Kai, a show that banks off of people's nostalgia. In that same vein would you ever consider reprising your role as Kevin in a spin off show?

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As a guy who sold parts for various European car manufacturers for over a decade: because that's what it costs. I can look it up again for you... Yep, that's still what it costs.

All of these makes cost way too much money for what you get. People get caught up in the brand name, they like how the interior smells and how the steering wheel feels in their hand, and that's the extent of their research. Then they get mad that the neighbors who bought a three year old KIA are having zero problems with their car and the same repair job cost 10% what it costs on their Rover or their rebadged Ford (Jaguar).

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I worked there too, I hear you. It's just that after working at BMW and Audi and the rest, after comparing the modes and frequency of failure and seeing the cost differences.. my opinion of the old Korean brand went up and my opinion of the ~$70k hoopties went down.