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CaptainDAAVE21 karma

Was there absolutely no way to get your own vaccines before 18 without suing for a divorce from your parents?

CaptainDAAVE19 karma

So if you got cut on rusty old metal would your mom just have watched you die rather than get a tetanus shot?

CaptainDAAVE17 karma

Well at least they don't want you to die. Sometimes I think the anti vaxxers want their children to be super dead.

CaptainDAAVE2 karma

I bet certain minds are incapable. I've only had it happen to me once and it only lasted a few seconds but it was truly incredible. It felt like I was in the Matrix LOL

I was just talking to a dream character and all of a sudden I look at him and was like ... dude you're a fucking dream character.

And he laughed and went yeah man this is YOUR reality.

And I was like YES! Lucid dreaming! And I started flying and was like this is awesome and then I woke up because it was 2 dope for skool.