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So... in short, you aren’t doing anything....

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How is UBI sustainable? I understand that the arguments are for replacement of other social services, and there’s been a lot of talk about the money being ‘roughly even’.

But we literally just passed the trillion mark for debt load after a few short months of CERB.

And, if the argument is to reduce the amount of the UBI to make it affordable, or, to focus on those impoverished, how is that universal? Or a basic income? How is that not just a rehash of our currently broken EI system?

Honesty, I was a big fan of the UBI concept until I saw the implementation of CERB. (Even though it was definitely needed).

What makes this proposal any more sustainable?

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Wait- maybe it’s late at night. But am I to assume that USA doesn’t have Robertson screws??? What.... in.... gods name....

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I’ve never come across a ubi proposal that didn’t involve cannibalizing all existing social programs...

I hope she answers these questions.

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That would’ve been the smart way to do CERB, for sure.

Shrugs- can’t blame a guy for being cautious when we have a living example of mismanagement.

So you’re thinking the approach would be to give out money universally, and then take it back through tax systems for those earning over a certain threshold?